Responsive, interactive long reads

Make beautiful long read web pages at lightning speed and share them any where, on any device 🎉


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Hi there 👋

It doesn't make sense that we still share content in a way that mirrors outdated paper print or projector slide templates. Why can't documents be flexible to the device they are viewed on and not constrained by outdated medium?

That's why we're developing Flya, a product inspired by the BBC's "long read" articles, that aims to offer an alternative to static content such as PDFs by offering a way to quicly and easily build rich, interactive and sharable HTML pages that look great on any device.

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Free your creativity 🎨

Flya allows you to bring content to life with animated infographics, video embeds, images that track with scroll, carousels, responsive columns, links and much more.

It's a work in progress but we'd love you to jump in and see it for yourself!

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